Partners in the Mission
Participants: up to 30 - Board members from across the Federation
Project timeline: 1 to 2 days of formation per workshop

What it is

  • Board members come to understand L’Arche’s unique principles of governance, including servant leadership, partnership, subsidiarity, accountability, participation, inculturation and solidarity.
  • Local leadership teams are guided through activities to help them fully engage the document “The Role of the Board in L’Arche” in order to resolve questions, concerns or hesitations they may have. 

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"I find it very healthy to have this input from outside the community. It helps me look at the community from another angle.” - Board Member L’Arche Vilnius

Why it is needed

  • The health and strength of the local Board is determinative of the health and strength of the local L’Arche Community.
  • New Board Members and Community Leaders need guidance to help them effectively integrate the mission and identity of L’Arche into their local leadership.

Why it is unique

  • The formation team does extensive study, working together with the L’Arche Envoy, to understand specific challenges or dynamics of Boards in the local context. 
  • Usually 2 or 3 sets of Boards go through the training together, which provides a rich opportunity to learn from one another. 

Funding needs

  • Compensation for formation coordinators and translators.
  • Travel for formation coordinators to the event.
  • Formation booklet and snacks. 

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