Non-violent ways of communicating
Participants: 24 Members from across the Federation
Project timeline: 4 days of formation per workshop

What it is

  • This four-day workshop was developed for and with two L’Arche communities in France, in order to intentionally create the opportunity for each person in the community, with or without a disability, to express their emotions, needs, desires, and ideas.
  • It has proven to be highly effective in fostering an atmosphere of communication, working through conflict, and developing peacemaking skills.

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"We learned how to better manage the situation inside us, what to do when we are angry so that it explodes less. I would like to go deeper in learning about emotions...” - Julie, Participant from L’Arche

Why it is needed

  • Living in community presents the opportunity to work through challenges alongside people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and religions.
  • At times, even very caring members of a community can find themselves communicating with others in a way that feels aggressive or “violent” toward that person. 

Why it is unique

  • The workshop draws upon established theories, but adapts them to make them accessible to persons with intellectual disabilities. 
  • Participants explore four basic emotions of joy, sadness, anger and fear, and learn to communicate about those emotions in a way that is honouring and respectful to all. 
  • The workshop is designed to be interactive and engaging for all participants. 

Funding needs

  • Accommodation for participants.
  • Travel and registration fee for participants from communities unable to cover the costs (usually six participants).
  • Workshop booklets.
  • Travel and compensation for formation coordinators and translators. 

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