International Mission Program
Participants: Experienced members of L’Arche living in solidarity with a sister community
Project timeline: 1 to 2 years

What it is

  • L’Arche International invites experienced members of L’Arche to leave their home community, and commit to a one to two year “mission” in a sister community in need.
  • The candidate is prepared, sent and supported throughout the mission by the Director of Solidarity. Evaluations are completed on a regular basis and a report highlighting impact and learnings is prepared at the end of the mission. 

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"Living with an experienced L’Arche member coming from another community was very helpful and meaningful for me.” - Sindhu Devi, Community Leader from Asansol, India

Why it is needed

  • At any given time, there are usually a few L’Arche communities around the world that are experiencing an exceptional opportunity, or a type of crisis, and they require skilled help to journey through it.
  • This might be due to a gap in local leadership, events in the local context (such as wars or natural disasters), or it could be because the community recognizes an important area of growth, and needs help to execute it well. 

Case Study

  • The L’Arche community in Queretaro, Mexico was 25 years old, but was not thriving. Its day program had the physical space to receive 25 people, but the community did not have the leadership capacity to receive 25 people.
  • An experienced workshop leader from a community in Quebec, Canada agreed to move to Queretaro with his family. The agreement included 3 preparatory visits, 1 year of living on site, and 2 follow up visits.
  • After a successful mission, the difference in the Queretaro community is noteworthy! The workshop receives 20 people each day. The community is receiving more attention from the neighbourhood, and is gaining visibility in the larger public. 

Funding needs

  • Travel expenses and stipend for the candidates. Resources needed on site.

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