In the Footsteps of L'Arche
Participants: 26 - Members from across the Federation
Project timeline: 4 days of formation per workshop

What it is

  • Participants discover and learn more about the history of L’Arche, become more familiar with our unique identity and mission.
  • Each participant also has the opportunity to voice their own experience of life in L’Arche. 

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"It allowed me to fully grasp the meaning of L’Arche throughout the world.” - Participant, June 2016

Why it is needed

  • As L’Arche continues to grow around the world, we must unify our communities, strengthen our common mission, and learn from each other.
  • It is particularly valuable for new/young members of L’Arche to learn from founding members, as well as from people from other countries and contexts.
  • Not-for-profit organizations and local or national governments are looking to L’Arche for insights into best practices of caring for vulnerable members of their populations. 

Why it is unique

  • This highly inclusive workshop uses communication methods that are accessible to everyone, overcoming language, cultural or disability barriers.
  • Participants journey through the workshop in pairs, which include one member with intellectual disabilities and one assistant, board member or friend. 

Funding needs

  • Compensation for formation coordinators.
  • Translation. 
  • Formation booklets.
  • Travel and registration for communities unable to cover the costs (approximately 10 participants).
  • Miscellaneous expenses. 

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