Faith & Culture
Participants: up to 35 Leaders from across the Federation
Project timeline: 4 sessions, 4 days each, spread over two years

What it is

  • A two-year program that trains L’Arche leaders to integrate profound cultural awareness into crisis management decisions, community growth challenges, and new community foundations.
  • Helps our leaders build a healthy Federation by encouraging each L’Arche Community to be rooted in, and emergent from, their own cultural context. 

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"The process of inculturation is a way of life that helps to keep us centered on our mission and rooted in trust in God.” - Kathy Baroody, Bethlehem

Why it is needed

  • Over the last fifty years, the vision and mission of L’Arche has stirred the hearts of people all over the world.
  • L’Arche has many success stories to share, but L’Arche also has examples of significant struggles or cyclical patterns of crisis.
  • Faith and Culture was developed to help us understand and address these struggles directly. 

Why it is unique

  • Program content was developed in conjunction with cultural anthropologist Gerald A. Arbuckle, SM, PhD, and educator in systems and group development, Sr. Brenda Hermann
  • Each participant selects a real L’Arche case study that is relevant to their role in L’Arche, and works with it throughout the two-year period. 

Funding needs

  • Facilitator and translator fees.
  • Travel expenses for the formation team, and some participants.
  • Accommodations.
  • Supplies. 

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