Annual Summary

We can’t possibly capture all the colour and stories of a year in one document, but we hope the Annual Summary gives a sense of the richness of our diversity, our strategic direction and the impact we made. Discover more

The Charter Process

Our charter will be like a precious gift: made of “beads”, “seeds of daily wisdom”, “precious stones of our lives”, collected from all the countries of the Federation, gathered on a thread that gives them coherence and meaning. Visit the website

Imagine the world differently

“If we all watched one video like this a day, I think we’d start seeing the world very differently, and become our better selves.” Discover the Web Series

L’Arche is a worldwide federation of people, with and without intellectual disabilities, working together for a world where all belong.

Being truly together,


We share meals, free time, work, time with friends and neighbors… In this daily life, we can be transformed by one another.

Whatever one’s intelligence,


Together, in our communities, integrated in local cultures all over the world, we create ways to live, work and develop networks. In L’Arche, each person participates, helps and receives help. L’Arche is founded on mutual relationships. 

The experiences we have together can


We want to share our experiences, because when we bring our weaknesses and strengths together, when we recognize we need each other, these can contribute to building a more human society.

Who is this


We are the members of L’Arche communities throughout the world. We are diverse. We are persons with or without intellectual disabilities, serving in different roles for our common mission.

Discover our stories Discover our stories

Findings of Independent Inquiry

On February 22nd, 2020, the leaders of L’Arche International publish the results of an inquiry that had commissioned from an independent organization. 

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Tatenda's poem

“My name is Tatenda. I wrote this poem was to encourage my fellow members not to look down upon themselves."

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“One small step for a man…”

But which man? Is it Neil Armstrong, spaceman… the moon… summer 1969? Or maybe, just maybe, it is Jose, a man with an intellectual disability…

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