Desert Retreats
Participants: 35-40 Members of L’Arche from around the world
Project timeline: 11 days of formation per retreat

What it is

  • An opportunity for 35-40 members of L’Arche communities to gather together at L’Arche Trosly, the founding L’Arche community, for eleven days of guided inner reflection. 
  • Long-term leaders in L’Arche guide the participants. 
  • Participants spend the majority of the time in silent reflection, which is interspersed by intentional times of small group sharing and one-on-one guidance. 
  • Themes often include: understanding and living your mission, transformative effects of mutual relationship in L’Arche, navigating the challenges associated with life in community, reconciliation, and more. 

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"The retreat has reached me... in the depths of my being. Thank you!” - Wendy, Desert Retreats Participant

Why it is needed

  • In L’Arche communities there is weakness that facilitates growth together in unity rather than division, and in service rather than in power. L’Arche is like a living laboratory for human growth and peacemaking skills.
  • This profound journey of growth has significant implications for individuals, L’Arche communities, and for society at large, but the journey requires times of reflection and meditation. 

Why it is unique

  • It is a sacred time for participants, and an opportunity to choose again their commitment to the mission and vision of L’Arche.
  • Both new and long-term members of L’Arche come to the retreat from communities all over the world, and represent various religions or denominations. This diversity greatly enriches the times of small group sharing. 

Funding needs

  • Lodging and travel expenses for facilitators and participants from the low-income contexts.
  • Salary for workshop leaders.
  • Conference room rental and workshop materials.
  • Expenses associated with preparation, and follow up.

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