Why join L’Arche

Create a world where everybody belongs

People who have an intellectual disability need support in their everyday lives. In L’Arche, volunteers or employees who choose to share their life ‘assist’ them in a wide variety of tasks or work in a workshop or day activity centre. L’Arche will try and find a setting that matches your own wishes and abilities, in conjunction with the openings available in the community. The most important ‘thing’ you bring… is yourself!

L’Arche is more than a service-provider. Joining L’Arche is more than a job. 


Committed together

We are committed, talented and passionate people from around the world. We seek to implement our vision and values in very practical terms.

Transforming Lives

Friendship with people with intellectual disabilities shape our way of being in the world.

Personal journey

L’Arche is a life changing experience of self-discovery and personal growth in mutual relationships, leadership and personal spiritual journey.